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Quality Exterior Cleaning and Paver Cleaning at the Esplanade Shoppes on Marco Island, Florida

Quality Exterior Cleaning and Paver Cleaning at the Esplanade Shoppes on Marco Island, Florida

The Esplanade Shoppes located in Marco Island, Florida receives thousands of visitors every year, and while its a great place to visit day or night the amount of daily traffic requires major upkeep on the grounds. That's where we come in. The Esplande Shoppes is one of several commercial accounts we manage on Marco Island with bi-annual pressure washing for the entire property including a 3 level parking garage, 3 separate parking lots, 3 restaurants, a marina, concrete and paver sidewalks throughout and several small shops located in this 4 building plaza. Besides our bi-annual maintenance contract we have several areas we pressure clean on a monthly basis to ensure the plaza is looking (and smelling) top-notch and is a beautiful experience for visitors year around. We are happy to have had a wonderful relationship with the commercial manager for the past 3 years as their vendor and thank them for their ongoing partnership.

The list of services for the property includes paver cleaning, concrete cleaning, storefront washing, exterior painting, dumpster pad cleaning, trash room cleaning, oil stain removal, gum removal, and fountain and water feature cleaning. As well has providing a gentle softwash for the roof cleaning and other areas where extra care is needed.

Using the best equipment is key to keeping such a large property looking its best, all while keeping in mind the schedules of the shops and restaurants as not to impose on the owners or their customers. Pre and post rinses are done before and after our commercial grade surface cleaner pressure washes all areas quickly and efficiently while also keeping in mind to protect the beautiful landscaping and getting to those hard to reach areas that past vendors would often miss.

Our attention to detail and regular communication with the commercial manger as well as the restaurants/shops staff ensures every job gets done right and keeps us the preferred vendor for all their pressure washing, softwash, and exterior cleaning needs.

Location: Marco Island, FL

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Products Used

    surface cleaner, commercial grade softwash system

Client Review

I can always rely on Softwash Solutions to keep our plazas looking great despite the constant traffic they receive everyday. They also work around the needs of my commercial tenants keeping them happy by doing a great job and being conscientious of the work and communicating with them so I don't have to. They are the vendor you need when you want things done right, I am happy to have found them.

- Matt B